Company Converts Volkswagen Beetles Into RV-Hybrids And The Inside Is A Travelers Dream

Volkswagen may have made many different types of cars but it is the classic Beetle that sticks out in the minds of most people. It was a unique car, cute and stylish for its day. Ever since it was first made in the 1930s, it had an appeal to consumers.

They have updated the Volkswagen to keep up with the times and although it looks more modern, it has still retained the classic shape. It is also a vehicle that can get away with using some unusual colors, including orange and yellow.

Along with considering the unique shape of the Volkswagen Beetle, we might also think about the size of the car. It isn’t something that you would typically think about packing in the family and going on a road trip.

The Beetle is a compact car, so you might be surprised to learn that they were actually converted into campers by a California company in the 1970s.

I’d like to introduce you to the Super Bugger. It is owned by Keith and Glenda Spelrum, and it is a hybrid Beetle-RV. It was displayed at a car show in amongst about 1000 other unusual vehicles but it managed to attract a bigger crowd. Everybody had their fair share of questions, but these pictures seem to answer them all.

There is a small living space behind the front seats. It includes a table with a small kitchen and two bench seats. The thing that seems to be missing is a sleeping area but if you don’t mind camping out in a tent, then this might just be the ultimate vehicle for a road trip.

You can easily envision yourself hitting the highway in this hybrid RV. You don’t need to pull over for a rest stop or look for a restaurant at the nearest exit. Just make your own lunch in your Super Bugger kitchen.

Super Bugger campers used the 1968 model of the Volkswagen Beetle as the base for the 1975 creation. For the privilege of converting a Beetle into an RV, owners would have to cough up about $6000. The vehicle, which is powered from a VW bus engine gets about 25 miles per gallon and hits a top speed of around 55 mph.

They really need to bring this one back again.

h/t: MyModernMet

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