Confused Blind Senior Dog Wouldn’t Stop Shaking In The Shelter

Cherry Blossom may not have been able to see the other dogs but what she lacked in sight, she more than made up for with her ability to hear. Hand In Paw is the rescue group that would end up changing her life. Piper Thomas is the founder of the organization and when she met the trembling pup, she knew that she had to do whatever it took to help her.

Cherry Blossom was 12 when Piper first met her. The scared dog found herself in an animal shelter and had no clue how she had gotten there. She learned how to get around her past living environments. This was a whole new ballgame, though. Cherry Blossom could not even on her past memories, as most blind seniors do when they find themselves in these situations.

Seeing a dog that does not know where they are can be heartbreaking. The poor animal was essentially trapped in the darkness and had to rely on the kindness of strangers. The shelter was much too loud. The scents of the other dogs were quite. overwhelming. Piper just wanted to go to a forever home where it was quiet and peaceful.

The dog had never enjoyed this simple luxury. When Piper did her research on the dog, she learned that Cherry Blossom was a lifelong stray. She had been cast aside by her past owner because she could not produce puppies in the same manner that they were accustomed to. Once she had the chance to leave with Piper, she relaxed.

She had a litany of other health problems that needed to be addressed but in the meantime? Cherry Blossom was just happy to have a chance to take a deep breath. She was taken to the vet’s office soon after her arrival. Can you believe that the vet was able to remove the cataracts from her eyes? That’s right, this old girl can see again!

Now that she has her sight back, she is a whole new pup. Piper’s old classmate Mary agreed to adopt her once her recovery process was complete. Mary and Cherry Blossom are the best of friends now. Her new mother is sure to give her all the necessary care. Would you like to help other dogs who find themselves in similar predicaments? Be sure to offer a donation to the good folks at Hand In Paw today.

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