Dog Dumped Outside Shelter With The Saddest Note On Her Collar

When this poor girl was found, she did not have any food. She was all alone and left out in the cold. Her former owners had dumped her off in front of the Delaware Humane Association. She was emaciated and it was easy to see that no one had been feeding her any time recently. The staff spotted the dog out in the yard and decided to bring her inside immediately.

Sky was her name and she had a note attached to her collar. Her owner did not abandon her because they wanted to. They had lost their home and had no place to go. The note apologized for the predicament and asked if someone would be willing to look after Sky. The dog was not sick but her owner was struggling to feed her because they had fallen on hard times.

Once she arrived at the rescue, her life started to improve. Sky would finally get the help that she needed. Her owner may not have wanted to become homeless but at least they tried their absolute best to help out. As it turns out, Sky also missed spending time around people. The friendly dog got along famously with everyone that she met!

Her condition was frail, though. She was in great spirits despite everything that she had been through. A full belly and a warm place to sleep will have that effect. The rescue staff was happy to see her start to mend but they also knew that her original owner was somewhere out there, still struggling to cope with the loss of their home (and their pet).

Sky’s story would soon make the news. The man who had been forced to leave her behind caught wind of the story and contacted the shelter to find out more about her condition. The man had found new employment and was ready to take her back. As a married man with a large family, he had to do what was best for his loved ones. The rescue plans to reunite the two as soon as possible.

The Delaware Humane Association is in the business of creating happy endings for lost and abandoned pets like Sky. If you would like to provide a donation that allows them to keep doing so, be sure to visit the Delaware Humane Association website as soon as possible. Please take a moment to share away, everyone!

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