Deliveryman Sees Strange Dark Spot In Middle Of Pond And Knows He Needs To Act Fast

This story took place in the state of Montana just before Christmas. Ryan was out delivering packages for UPS on this fateful day. He had a full schedule but he was making good time. However, he heard a sound that was strange to him. Ryan stopped to take a closer look at what was going on. It sounded like someone was crying out for help and he knew he had to assist them.

What he found will break your heart. He happened to be circling a local pond at the time. There was something dark floating at its center. Once he got out of his delivery vehicle, he realized that this dark spot was actually a dog. It was not that cold at the time but Ryan knew that the animal would need to be helped before it was too late.

The temperatures were going to start dropping and this dog would need help right away. This is no weather for a dog to be out swimming in, that is for sure. The closer he got, the more he realized how dire the situation was. The dog was not actually going for a swim. She was not doggy paddling at all. She was clinging to the ice for dear life.

Ryan heard the screams. His heart was pounding inside of his chest but he was not going to allow himself to be scared away. He was nervous. Ryan wanted to help the dog, yet he was afraid to make a mistake. One false move and the dog’s predicament would become even worse. Another man came along with a paddle boat and they set about the task of saving the stranded pooch.

The ice broke immediately. Ryan still made the best of it. He swam to the dog and rescued her from the icy waters. The dog’s legs had gone numb. She was also clearly in shock. Fortunately, there was a retired veterinarian on hand. He knew exactly what to do do. It is safe to say that this dog ended up in the best hands possible. He credited Ryan with saving the dog’s life.

The animal would have succumbed to a heart attack if they did not intervene when they did. Ryan may have been worried about making the wrong move but in reality, he was actually in the right place at the right time. They were also able to find the owner of the dog. They had been worried sick. The next day, Ryan and Sadie took a photo together. He’s got no regrets and says he would do it all over again!

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