Woman’s In Labor When Her Husband Starts Singing “Push It” Prompting Her To Join

Giving birth is a moment that every mother anticipates. Even those who have already given birth in the past will still find themselves getting excited. First-time mothers may find the process to be a bit daunting. That is why these mothers need to have access to a helpful support group that keeps their best interests at heart. This mother was definitely blessed.

She had an awesome family that was going to remain by her side. They made sure to accompany her when it was time to give birth. Mom was going to have her own cheering section, for sure. She needed comfort but it did not take long for the family to break out into song. The song that they chose will take some by surprise but we must admit that it was perfect.

Mom, Dad, Uncle, Auntie and Grandma were all present for the occasion. Two nurses were also on hand to provide the mother with the necessary assistance. Everyone was more than happy to be there. This is the type of moment that we spend our whole lives waiting for. Even the young mother was grinning from ear to ear as she waited.

Everyone was eagerly anticipating the new arrival. The father was in great spirits and he made a silly joke about being able to see his child as soon as Mom finished “pushing her real good”. Of course, everyone who has been sentient in the past 20 years is well aware of the reference. Someone in the room asked if the reference was intentional.

The uncle added some beats and created a nice sound bed for the family to use. Even Grandma decided that she was going to get in on the act. The entire family delivered an impromptu rendition of “Push It”. The Salt-N-Pepa smash has lived on for years and for good reason. It is one of the best songs of all time, across all genres. That’s why it has become such an enduring pop culture staple.

Even Nelson Mandela commissioned a performance of the song while he was still alive. This is a great song to welcome a new baby into the world with if we do say so ourselves. This family’s clever choice definitely needs to be commended. If you would like to see their performance for yourself, please be sure to take a closer look at the video below.

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