Mystery Man Pays For 70 Homeless People To Stay In Hotel During Polar Vortex

It is always nice to good deeds but we should be doing them for the right reasons. Instead of doing a good deed just to post it on your social media pages, why not do a good deed out of the kindness of your heart? That is what this Good Samaritan did. Now that the temperatures have begun to drop, there are a number of us who are feeling sorry for ourselves.

After all, who wants to endure subzero temperatures every day on their way to and from work? While this may seem like a fate worse than death to some, it is time to count our blessings. Having a job and a home to go to may not seem like blessings but just imagine the alternative! Chicago’s homeless population found themselves facing severe wind chill recently and one man stepped up to the plate to help.

70 homeless citizens were given the chance to stay in a hotel room, free of charge. The person who paid for their rooms did not want to be identified. Initially, the homeless had been forced to start their own campsite to remain warm. They were surviving off donated propane tanks. Sadly, one of the tanks exploded and local police were forced to seize the rest for safety purposes.

The police were concerned that the homeless population would experience a worse explosion that led to severe injury. They did not want to break up the campsite but their hands were tied. Thanks to the help of one special person, these people will no longer have to worry about remaining sheltered from the cold weather.

It always makes us happy to see people who are willing to help the less fortunate. A lot of people would probably refuse to assist the homeless. Some of us have a tendency to forget that we are all in this together. Seeing someone who is able to help out others without making it all about themselves is a breath of fresh air in the modern climate.

No virtue signaling here. This thoughtful person just wanted to help others get out of the cold and thanks to their assistance, these people are finally getting the help that they need. The current weather is too much for the average person to bear. The National Weather Service says that people need to minimize their talking if they are going to be outside! Hopefully, you are all staying warm and warm in the meantime.

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