Cop Rescues ‘Unadoptable’ Shelter Dog – Blood Runs Cold When He Makes Discovery In The Woods

Ruby the dog was not given very much of a chance in life. Can you believe this adorable pup was just hours away from being put down before fate intervened? If no one had thought to save her from being euthanized, who knows what might have happened next? One thing is for sure: this amazing story definitely would not have had a chance to take place.

Because of her behavioral issues, Ruby found herself being sent from place to place. She kept getting adopted and sent back to the shelter as a result of these problems. Patricia was the behavioral specialist who tried to work with Ruby but she simply wasn’t seeing the necessary improvements in her attitude. She decided to contact a Rhode Island State Trooper to see if he could take her in.

Matthew was up to the challenge and he knew that he could adjust the dog’s temperament. He treasured her energy level right off the bat. Ruby was easy to fall for and the two were able to hit it off immediately. However, he knew that there was someone else who would like her even more: Officer Daniel O’Neal. As it turns out, O’Neal had been looking for a partner of the K-9 variety for some time.

Daniel was more than happy to take Ruby in and he set about the task of making her into the perfect partner. Her difficult and enigmatic nature made it challenging but Daniel was not going to give up on the pup. He knew that she had the necessary fortitude to become a great police officer. In time, the behavioral problems were corrected and she became the dog everyone knew she could be.

This set the stage for an amazing turn of events. O’Neal and Ruby were asked to locate a local teenager who had gone missing in the woods. Ruby found the teen and he was in bad shape. He had fallen down and his head was lacerated. As it turns out, Ruby had a very deep connection with this young man and we do not wish to ruin the surprise for any of our readers.

That is why we urge you to take the time to watch the video clip below. This is one of the most heartwarming videos that you are ever going to see and you should definitely take the time to share it with your closest friends and loved ones.

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