After Realizing She’s Finally Safe, Neglected Shelter Dog Falls Asleep In Her New Mom’s Arms

Bella did not get to enjoy the sort of life that she deserved during the early going. While some pups are fortunate enough to find a forever home, Bella was not so lucky. She was forced to spend much of her existence at a city pound in Romania. Bella was not allowed to go outside and she was not given much of an opportunity to interact with humans.

She was experiencing a litany of health problems as a result of the substandard treatment. Bella had fleas, liver problems and spleen issues that were not being treated. Howl of the Dog elected to step in and help. This rescue group was ready to help her and they knew that the gentle pup simply needed some love. Her kind and sweet nature was evident to all those who spent time with her.

Bella was removed from the pound that same day. She was brought to the shelter and given a chance to rest before she was taken to the vet’s office. The dog immediately sensed that she was in good hands and was said to be very relaxed. She knew that she was being rescued by some great folks who were definitely going to keep her best interests at heart.

Once she arrived at this shelter, her whole life started to change. She was finally able to express her love for people without experiencing any of the usual difficulties. Bella even decided that she would climb right up on one of the rescuers’ laps to take a much needed and well deserved nap. This is the sort of photo that will simply melt your heart.

Her trip to the vet went very well and she was given the help that she needed. Bella got to enjoy a medicated bath that made the fleas go away and she was no longer as itchy as she once was. The shelter also provided her with plenty of food. She also got the chance to finally play with some other dogs and the transformation that has taken place has been a sight to behold.

Dogs like Bella deserve the chance to relax and play in a healthy environment. Thanks to these rescuers, she will be given the chance to live the life she has always wanted. Kudos to Bella for finding it in her heart to remain trustful of humans and dogs after the awful experience that she went through.

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