Onlookers See A Circle Of Bubbles Appear In Water – Animal Leaps Into The Air And Goes Viral

What would you expect to see if you were vacationing in the beautiful Canadian rain forest? There are certainly a lot of things to see as far as wildlife is concerned but people who stayed at the Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia, Canada had a surprise waiting for them.

Imagine the scene: you are in your bathrobe, resting comfortably or perhaps just enjoying some of the first light coming in through your windows for the day. You might think about the rest of the family waking up and going out to enjoy a relaxing, warm breakfast before you head out to see the sights.

What actually happens is that you are woken up suddenly and somebody is asking you to come to the dock. There is something that has never been seen before happening at this very moment.

The bay that surrounds the Great Bear Lodge leads into the Pacific Ocean. The scenery is beautiful, calm and inspiring but as you look out across the water, bubbles begin to form.

It is known that something big is under the water but when it finally reveals itself, the onlookers are almost too excited to react. Fortunately, it was posted as a video online.

Suddenly, a pair of humpback whales break the surface and spray mist from their blowholes. The grace and beauty that they display as they move through the water is absolutely amazing. You can’t help but be touched by the majesty of what you’re seeing.

The Great Bear Lodge reported that the whales were bubble net feeding. It is a type of learned behavior that humpback whales do in groups as small as 2 whales. Sometimes, however, they may do it in groups of up to 60 or more. They put out the bubble nets in order to feed on a school of fish, such as herring, krill or salmon.

It was not only the visitors who were excited, the staff at the Great Bear Lodge also loved what they saw. They captured the event on video and posted the short clip on their Instagram account. It wasn’t long before the comments started, such as this one:

“I want to live in a place like this”

Marlo Rose, who is a bear guide, stands at the edge of the shore with her colleagues and you can see that they are excited. They even share a high-five!

We all hope that the sighting is an inspiration to people who may do more to help save the world around them. There are many small things we can do, such as using less plastic or recycling what we do use that can really make a difference. When you look at these two whales and realize that there is an amazing world right in front of us, you see that it is well worth saving.

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