Cop Shatters Window To Save Baby From Hot Car. Pulls Her Out, Learns He’s Made Horrible Mistake

When a 911 call was placed regarding a baby that had been left alone in a car on a hot summer day, police lieutenant Jason Short sprung into action immediately. The situation was unfolding in a shopping center parking lot in New Hampshire and when Short arrived at the vehicle, he saw a blanket that had been draped over the car seat and a set of tiny feet sticking out from underneath.

The temperature had reached 90 degrees and in Jason’s mind, the next step was a no brainer: break the window of the vehicle and pull the baby to safety. He used his baton to shatter the glass and pulled the child from the vehicle. An ambulance was summoned and Jason was worried that the child had already passed away as a result of their prolonged exposure to the oppressive heat.

The scene had begun to draw a slew of onlookers that were all concerned about the child’s well being. The baby’s skin had become very pale and blotchy, which was also cause for alarm. Short began to apply CPR and while he was giving it his all, something did not seem quite right here. Not only was the baby not even alive, but it just so happened to be a hyper realistic doll.

Carolynne was the vehicle’s owner, as well as the owner of the doll. She was in the process of receiving a haircut at the local Super Cuts when this bizarre incident unfolded. While she was quite annoyed by the damage that had been done to her car, Jason stood by his decision to rescue the “baby”. How would he have ever known that it was a doll?

There is no reason for an officer of the law to assume that you are keeping a lifelike doll in your vehicle on a hot day. Why someone would purchase a doll this lifelike (a doll that costs over $2,000 at that) and keep it their vehicle like this is beyond us. Short truly believed that he was saving a child’s life and he still deserves a great deal of praise for acting as quickly as he did.

This story should be shared as a warning to those who wish to purchase these expensive and realistic looking dolls. Do not leave one in your car on a hot day and expect not to have a similar experience to what Carolynne went through. It is not the job of a police officer to determine whether your doll is an actual baby or not. We are simply thankful that no actual babies were harmed.

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