If You Spot A Similar Brown Patch In Your Lawn, Back Away And Call For Assistance

Winter is finally over and summer is now in full force. More than likely, we have spent some quality time outside since the weather is warmer and we have settled into our summer lawn maintenance routine. There is nothing quite like stretching out in a nicely manicured lawn but sometimes, we might see an interruption in the green. If a brown patch appears, we need to know what to do.

If you do happen to find such a brown patch in your lawn the best thing for you to do is just stay away from it. That is something you will learn in this video. Don’t worry, there isn’t anything that will cause you harm, you just don’t want to cause harm to what is there.

When this homeowner found a brown patch, he knew what to do. He called Ontario wildlife removal. Not only did he see the brown spot; he saw that there was something moving under the surface.

When the representative showed up, he noticed the grass was dry and wilted. He knew exactly what to do but instead of just doing it, he had his partner shoot a video to let all of us know about this problem. How serious is the issue? What you are actually seeing is a rabbit’s nest with tiny bunnies only a few weeks old.

If you do find a rabbit’s nest in your yard, experts recommend ignoring it. The mother rabbit will not tend to them all day. She will likely only check on them a couple of times every day. In the meantime, the bunnies will grow and within a few weeks, they will leave the nest.

Rabbits do not hide in out of the way areas. They make their nest in the open because most predators will not hunt in areas where they are vulnerable.

Watch this video to learn more:

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