Here’s Why You Should Start Adding Salt To Your Shampoo

Salt is an obsession all over the world.  It’s used to add flavor to your food and it helps give us traction on the icy roads but I’m here to tell you the use for salt just grew to include hair and scalp treatments.

Many people have picked up on this clever hacks, and recently I started adding to my shampoo and the results are amazing.  I’ll always add it from here on out.  It only took about 2 weeks to start noticing the results.  I was so impressed that I started adding it to my bath gel.

Why is salt is so great for your hair and skin?

It may seem strange at first to add salt to your product but the benefits will out way the wierdness.  I promise!

Salt helps prevents your hair from getting oily.

Do you have oily hair and scalp?  Salt is just what you need!  For the same reason that we use it to clean grease stains, salt will absorb the excess oil.  Just add 2 to 3 tablespoons in your shampoo to see results in a week.


Treats dandruff and itchy scalp.

Spending 10 minutes massaging salt onto your scalp will do wonders.  The salt actually protects your scalp for fungal growth (which causes dandruff).  Use a tablespoon in your shampoo to combat these issues.

Trying to grow your hair?

Everyone at some point wants to grow their hair.  Whether it’s for a change of style or maybe to donate to locks of love everyone wants a full head of beautiful hair.

Adding salt to your shampoo won’t magically grow hair overnight,  but it will prevent and stop hair loss and stimulate new growth. Simply adding salt to your shampoo and massaging it in will give you faster results.

Which salt should you be using for these tricks?

There are tons of different salts available but the options that are right in your kitchen are the best options.

These three types of salt are your best options

1. Table Salt

The iodized table salt sitting on your table is great for hair growth.

2. Sea Salt

This type of natural salt is packed with nutrients that nourishes your scalp and protect against fungus.

3. Epsom Salt

This type of salt removes the excess oil in your hair.

One last tip:  Do you need more volume in your hair?  Try combining Epsom salt and conditioner let it sit for 20 minutes then rinse.

If your results are like mine you will be thanking me in the comments section.

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