Cops Stop To Question Guy On The Side Of The Road Then Realize He’s Saving A Life

You are about to meet a young man by the name of Cristopher Felix. He is the hero of this tale and he also happens to be an aspiring college student. When Felix was out for a drive recently, he happened to cross paths with a squirrel. Unfortunately, the squirrel also managed to disappear beneath his vehicle and by the time he found the animal, they were lying lifeless on the ground.

Crisopher was not about to leave the squirrel behind, though. If there was anything that could be done to save the squirrel, he was going to try his best. While most people would have probably kept driving, Cristopher is definitely not most people. All he could think about was the squirrel and he wanted to help the animal in any way possible.

A squirrel tale

A story about a squirrel…

Posted by Brooklyn Park, MN – Police Department on Thursday, October 4, 2018

The squirrel could not move. Cristopher knew that he would have to act quickly. He started to give the squirrel chest compressions, in hopes of starting the animal’s heart again. Local police officers happened to drive by at this time. They stopped to question the young man about what he was doing. We can only imagine their facial expressions when they realized what was going on.

Fortunately, the officers were wearing their body cams and this allowed us to catch a closer glimpse of this amazing situation. Cristopher’s efforts finally paid off. He was able to save the squirrel and it seems as if the poor little fellow was simply knocked unconscious because of the pressure that was placed on him from the car.

The life of a squirrel may not seem very significant to the average person but Felix was not going to let any harm come to the animal on his watch. He was very happy to help out. Every life matters deeply to him. We wish that there were more people like Felix in the world. Stories like these definitely do not take place on any sort of a regular basis.

The police were able to watch this event unfold as well. We are also glad that people can see that the police are here to protect and serve us. In a world where it often seems as if we are constantly reading a series of negative headlines about the police, it is great to find a set of officers who are this committed to assisting those who need help in their community.

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