Dog Rescued After Spending Week Floating On Couch In Flooded Home

Soshe went through a horrible ordeal at the result of Hurricane Florence. The poor dog was trapped inside of a flooded house for at least a week and had no way of getting herself out. If she had not found a floating couch in the home’s living room, we shudder to think of what might have happened to her. Her survival skills are definitely out of this world, though.

We have no idea how Soshe managed to make it for this long but we are glad that she did. The Humane Society of Missouri is responsible for starting the process that led to her rescue. Their Disaster Response team fielded a call from Soshe’s mother, who was in a panic at the time. She could not get back to her house to rescue the dog because the flood waters had simply risen too high.

Lender County Animal Control put the call through to the Missouri team and a plan was formulated to remove the pup. It took the rescuers a long time to find the house that the dog was trapped inside of. The flood waters had risen to the point to where it was essentially impossible to read the numbers on each of the houses in the neighborhood.

The boat also experienced a breakdown on the way to the home. Once they got all of the technical difficulties squared away, it was time to make the rescue. Soshe was obviously very happy to see the rescuers. The team had to do some paddling to get to the location but they knew that they had to make it come hell or high water (we do not get enough chances to use this phrase).

It only took a few minutes before Soshe was carried outside and provided with some much needed food. She was dried off and taken away from the flood waters before it was too late. While she was not able to head home at this time, she was picked up by a friend of her mother’s. In due time, they would be reunited and if you would like to watch the video of her rescue, take a closer look below.

Soshe is an adorable dog who did not deserve the tragedy she experienced. Please share this story so that awareness can be raised about all of the other dogs that regularly find themselves in similar predicaments.

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