Couple Notices Dog Nudging Man In Wheelchair Then Learn The Truth Behind Their Story

Most of us have heard the expression that dogs are man’s best friend but we may never have seen it in action. That is about to change, thanks to Digong, a dog who is certainly a friend to his owner, Danilo Alacron.

Alacron lives in the Philippines and he is confined to a wheelchair. The 46-year-old man suffered a spinal injury in a motorcycle accident and he will never walk again. He now uses a wheelchair to get around because he doesn’t have feeling in his legs.

Most of us can only imagine the stress that somebody who is dealing with this kind of a problem has. The physical issues associated with it can be tremendous, and the mental strain could really make it difficult to live a day-to-day life. That is why animals are often recommended to help support an individual who is suffering from these problems.

That is where Digong comes in. He is the most loyal puppy I have ever seen and at only seven months old, he is doing something incredible. If you have ever been in a wheelchair before, even for a short amount of time, you realize how difficult it can be to get around.

As Alacron works his way around the city, Digong is there for him. He pushes the wheelchair from behind, making it faster and easier to traverse the city streets.

Obviously, Alacron is very thankful for what his dog does but he is not the only one. Another couple who live in the same area, Faith and Danjo Revilla were running some errands recently when they saw the dog in action. They wondered what was taking place and when they got closer, they saw Digong pushing the chair with his nose.

“We felt blessed to have witnessed this extraordinary sight,” says Faith. “I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, but this was a very real scene.”

Faith took a video of what she saw and, wanting to share with the world, she decided to get more information. They pulled the car over and talk to Alacron and offered them lunch.

During the meal, they learned about the special bond that was shared between the dog and his owner. They are always together and they are the true definition of friends. He had a lot of good to say about his puppy and said that he is been there for him from the beginning as a physical and emotional aid.

Faith continued her comments on Facebook:

“He’s a caring puppy. The wheelchair pushing started when Digong saw Danilo stop and rest while maneuvering his wheelchair, and the dog just out of the blue started pushing his wheelchair using its head.”

There is also a great communication between these two. When Digong is tired, he jumps up on Alacron’s lap and gets some rest. They also found out that he was named after the Filipino president, Rodrigo Duerto, who also goes by the same name as this pooch.

Now that the word is out on Digong, it is spreading around social media like wildfire. Everybody wants to know more about this amazing dog.

Faith also says that her life changed forever when she shared this story on Facebook:

“I have no words to describe my emotions right now. May the good Lord bless them both. Dogs truly are man’s best friend. If we genuinely care, respect and love them, they will surely do the same for us, too.”

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