Dogs Help Toddler Escape Her Room So She Can Give Them Snacks

Colby and Bleu get to live a pretty awesome life. While these two pups have always had an enjoyable existence, something took place recently that allowed them to love their lives even more. They were given the gift of a new little sister by the name of Chloe. What Chloe’s parents did not know was that their sweet little baby would one day become an accomplice.

Colby loved Chloe immediately but Bleu needed some time. As soon as he realized that Chloe would also be able to pet him, he was all in going forward. After some time had passed, the dogs and the baby realized that they could come together to get into some mischief. This is when things started to get truly interesting for the parents of these babies.

As it turns out, Chloe’s parents are not nearly as generous with the treats as she is. It did not take long before the dogs decided that they would start to linger beneath her high chair. Why beg the stingy parents when the treats are well within reach? Bleu and Colby came to enjoy their new supply of treats so much that they figured it would be time to up the ante a little. A random treat here and there wasn’t going to cut it any longer.

They came up with an adorable back room deal. If Chloe would help the dogs to get more of the treats that they wanted, the pups would help her to escape the confines of her room. Even though her parents believed that she would be unable to escape, the dogs found a way. The dogs engineered this escape because they were tired of barking outside of their parents’ door each morning.

To be fair, we understand where the dogs are coming from. Everyone likes a delicious breakfast and no one should ever have to wait that long to be fed. The parents believe that this escape is just the beginning but they have a good sense of humor about the situation. After all, it is too much fun to watch this terrific trio getting along so well. They would not trade this connection for the world.

If you would like to see this amazing escape for yourself, please be sure to check out this hilarious video. These partners in crime never could have expected to be busted like this!

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