Couple Purchases An Old Truck For $4,500 And Turn It Into A Luxury Home – See Inside

Buying a home is always a large expense that solidifies our full transition to adulthood. It’s a purchase that is not to be taken lightly, as once you buy a home, that’s you deciding to stay in one place for the foreseeable future until your mortgage is paid off.

But there’s one couple that has found a clever way of getting around the stationary life that comes with home ownership. The British couple, who love to travel, but didn’t see a conventional home purchase as something good for them. Plus, they were also very worried about the impact that Brexit would have on any purchase they made.

So instead, they made the decision to buy something that would give them both the freedom to travel as well as the ability to own something that was solely theirs to live comfortably in. They first looked at RVs, but nothing they saw was quite what they had in mind.

Their search was put on hold for a bit, until one day, Martin’s offhand joke ended up sparking something that would send them in a completely different direction.

Martin and Iona were enjoying a couple beers together, when Martin started musing about how the Americans do things differently. What would an American couple do in their situation? Martin joked that the two of them could simply purchase a “big American truck” to be their home.

However, Iona wasn’t laughing. Instead, she thought long and hard about it, and it began to make more and more sense. She told Martin that was his best idea ever in their relationship. The couple quickly got onto Ebay to see what was for sale, and soon enough, they were buying a former bread delivery truck that was on offer for $4,670.

They immediately bought it.

Excited with their purchase, the pair started planning out how they were going to turn the giant truck into their dream house. Following a couple weeks of intense planning, sketching, and budgeting, they came up with their final budget of $25,000.

Martin had a handyman career, so he was confident that he could put all sorts of constructive things together, while Iona took charge of the interior design. Together, they spent four months off work, dedicating every spare second to the conversion of their truck to a home.

Their skills blended well in unison, and after all the hard work they ended up with a converted space that they could only describe as stunning.

From the outside, the truck looks like a weird mix of machine, having the windows and door of an RV, but the framework of a truck. But the interior looks amazing.

When you first walk in, the thing that you’ll encounter the kitchen, which looks like it could belong in any high-end home – large counter tops, full-sized oven, big sink, a stove, plus plenty of storage space.

Then right by the kitchen is the living area, which has a wood-burning fireplace to keep them cozy at night. The L-shaped sofa also doubles as a bed at night. But the sofa bed isn’t for the couple, instead it’s for overnight guests.

Instead, the couple stay upstairs. It’s a short flight of steps, but that is their bedroom. While it’s not huge, there are people who pay a lot more for a lot smaller. The smallest room in the house is their bathroom. It has a tiny sink and toilet and even a shower that’s all in the one room.

Iona also included some personal touches, like painted pictures.

Not long after completing the renovation, Martin and Iona decided to get the most function out of their home. The two boarded their extravagant home on wheels and headed for a ferry to France.

They are now exploring Europe’s mountains, beaches, and variety of cultures, all while coming home every evening to a very unique space.

Would you buy an old truck and do it up like this? Tell us your thoughts.

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