Superbad’s McLovin Would’ve Turned 38 Today

Nothing brings back nostalgia quite like realizing that “Superbad” – the classic 00s teen comedy – is already 12-years-old. The film, which brought to prominence the likes of Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, who played a pair of high school losers trying to throw a big booze-fuelled party before heading off to college.

But maybe the thing most synonymous with “Superbad” is McLovin, the name on the fake ID which was acquired by Foggell, the geek who was portrayed by actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Not only did it provide one of the funniest scenes in the film, but it also reminded all of us of our own sad fails to get alcohol as teenagers.

But if the fact that the film has seen so many years pass between its release and the present hasn’t made you feel old, maybe the fact that the famous McLovin would be turning 38 today will. Seth Rogan posted a photo of the iconic ID card on Twitter today.

That would mean that Foggell would definitely be able to get served today, no McLovin ID needed anymore. 

McLovin aside, the film itself a classic that holds a special place in people’s hearts as one of the most iconic teen comedies of the era. It’s so classic now that people on social media are still voicing their hope to see a sequel at some point. 

Although the stars of the film are all grown up, the idea of a sequel isn’t outside the realm of possibilities. There have already been a bunch of fan-proposed ideas for a reunion between Seth, Evan, and Fogell. 

“In an alternate where ‘Superbad’ had a sequel, I hope the first scene addressed the consequences of drinking detergent. Lowkey predicted the tide pod rage too,” was one of the ideas put forward, while another fan suggested perhaps they don’t take a comedic route at all, and instead make it a drama. 

Even if Hollywood writers were to latch onto a solid idea for a sequel, it’s doubtful that we’d see Cera be a part of any project. The actor spoke to Bustle a couple of years back and said, “I think it would just be sad at this point. It would be doing the same characters but ten years later. Everyone would be like, ‘Oh man, I liked it when they were young and bushy-tailed’. Sometimes if you wait too long, it’s not so sweet anymore. To me it’s such a nicely wrapped up story. I think it’s a stand-alone movie.”

You never know, if a good enough storyline for a sequel was written he might change his mind. We never expected to see a “Zombieland 2” but it eventually happened. 

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