‘Creepy Old Guy’ Gets Makeover So Severe He Doesn’t Even Recognize Himself

Most of us are accustomed to seeing actors look their best. After all, they are constantly in the public eye and pictures tend to circulate on Instagram almost as fast they are taken. Every once in a while you come across an actor who let their looks go, and that is the case with 65-year-old Frankie Verroca from New York. He had let his hair grow long and gray along with sporting a rocker beard and wearing flannel like it was in style. Frankie was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to find a date but he had some help in the form of a makeover. It came from his 100-year-old aunt and the Rachael Ray Show.

“The last time I got a haircut was over five years ago,” Frankie admitted after pausing for a moment. How long was his hair at its longest? “How long is my arm-span?” Frankie retorted. “Little by little I went from this young, character type to this old, creepy type,” he said.

Posted by Rachael Ray Show on Friday, August 21, 2015

Ever since high school, Frankie was a character actor and he played the part of an extra on huge productions, including Kojak, Gotham and Saturday Night Fever. Recently, he was more often typecast as a ‘creepy old guy’ or as a homeless individual because of his appearance.

It’s easy to see why when you look at this series of before shots. His hair may be thick but he looks more like an 80s heavy metal rocker than a serious actor from the modern age.

Does it appear that Frankie Verroca on “GOTHAM” is getting better with age…well ?

Posted by Frankie Verroca Entertainer on Sunday, August 6, 2017

“My hair is impossible at this point,” Frankie sighed.

His 100-year-old Aunt Francie used her influence to talk her nephew into putting his name in the hat for a makeover on the Rachael Ray Show. His aunt watches it and never misses an episode.

“I’d like to see you with short hair!” Aunt Francie declared, and everything changed: “I’d like to see you like regular Frankie!” Frankie then gestured to his beard in the footage that was taken behind the scenes. His aunt said, “Yeah, I don’t like the beard either!”

9.6.18 PM audience

Posted by Rachael Ray Show on Thursday, October 25, 2018

Although there were many people who were up for a makeover on that episode, Aunt Francie’s dream was becoming a reality. The makeover team went to work and before long, Frankie was ready to show his new look to the audience and the world.

Frankie was shocked when he turned around and saw himself for the first time after the makeover. To say that he barely recognized himself is an understatement.

The audience was amazed by the transformation of the 65-year-old actor. Suddenly, he looked like a different person and it shaved at least 10 years off of his looks. His gray beard was gone and a chiseled jawline was in its place. The hair was now shorter and well styled. They even gave him some new clothing to replace his flannel shirt.

Character actor Frankie Verroca with Ethan Hawke on Broadway! …well sort of ? Last night I congratulated Ethan Hawke…

Posted by Frankie Verroca Entertainer on Saturday, February 16, 2019

Frankie may have been a character actor playing homeless people but he might need to look for a new gig. Perhaps he could play the part of a businessman after this makeover. A gift was even given to Frankie for a set of headshots to add to his portfolio.

“It’s time to move on, new horizons, see what’s out there and go for it!” Frankie said. Who knows, maybe he will even find a date.

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