Woman Discovers She’s “Single” After Seeing Boyfriend’s Awkward Facebook Post

Breakups – even when they’re on the most amicable terms – are never easy. And when it comes to the modern would of dating, sometimes people choose to go the route of ghosting, rather than the gnarly process of ending things in person. Some people are even doing it with their employers!

Still, when it comes to breakups, there is such a thing as being downright “cowardly,” and that’s exactly what an Australian woman found to be true when she came across a Facebook post featuring her boyfriend asking for a room to rent.

The man in question posted to the Adelaide Rental Property Group Facebook page, where he requested that he was looking to rent a room for up to $200 a week, including utilities. The ad was pretty standard in terms of room renting requests, as he mentioned that he had great references and was employed full-time. But then he mentioned that he was single, something that was news to his girlfriend. 

The gentleman in question must’ve been dense to think that his now-ex-girlfriend wouldn’t see the post, because a post like that on a public platform is bound to be discovered sooner or later.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for her to see his post, and after no doubt picking her jaw up off the ground, she certainly let him in the comments section of the post.

The conversation was screenshot and posted to an Instagram account in Adelaide which highlights some of the more awkward or unsavoury conversations and postings that are relevant to what’s happening in the South Australian city. 

Of course, as anything goes regarding online, opinions were divided. Some people were surprised that anyone could be that callous to a significant other, while others thought it was a bit trashy of the crushed girlfriend to ait out in the open their “dirty laundry.” 

Giulia Simolo on Bolde, wrote about the psychological effects that come from being dumped via Facebook, and the results aren’t pretty. In addition to feelings of “humiliation” and being “blindsided”, the sadness and shock that is felt, is quickly turned to feelings of self-loathing. While Simolo didn’t call out her ex-bf online like the other woman, she did try to reach out to him but was ultimately ignored.  

As it turns out, the Instagram account that posted the screenshot online is, in fact, a treasure trove of cringe-worthy, local drama posts. In case you’re curious, should you ever find yourself in the Adelaide area and want a pair of gently used jeans, you won’t need cash – all you’ll need is a “g” of blow. What a bargain. 

The same can be said for the “stain-free” fitted sheet. The fact that the woman had to mention it in the first place, or has to specify that her boyfriend is “drug and alcohol” free, is immediately be raising red flags.

Isn’t the internet a truly wonderful place?

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