Curly Horses Exist And They’re Like Giant Labradoodles

When we think of horses, we never consider the idea that there may be curly haired horses out there in the world. This is simply not what we picture when we imagine a horse. Did you know that a horse can actually develop curly hair naturally, though? When horses are exposed to colder weather, they will often grow a bouncier mane full of curls.

Most are totally unaware of this fact…until they are given the chance to meet a North American horse that shatters all the preconceived notions. The North American curly horse is exactly what you would think it is and they are just as glorious as you would imagine. If you have ever seen a Labradoodle before, you have an idea of what they look like.

The idea that there are horses that look like these adorable dogs is almost too much for us to fathom. We did not know about the existence of these animals until now and are happy that they have been brought to our attention. These coats can only be found during the winter, though. They are a natural evolutionary trait that is designed to keep the horses warm.

The coats can also vary greatly between horses. Best of all, they are even hypoallergenic. Once winter is over, the coats become much more sleek. These pictures are an overload of cuteness. No one knows exactly how these horses ended up looking this way but the element of mystery is fun. It is believed that these horses have existed for some time.

Curly haired horses can be found in Chinese artwork that dates back for thousands of years. There is also evidence of these horses in Russia and Europe. At the present time, no one can seem to figure out where the American curly horse has descended from. The Sioux and Crow nations are also believed to have a connection with these horses.

These horses are not just good looking, however. They also have wonderful personalities to go with their luscious locks and have been known to learn quickly. The horses are easy to keep as well. When it comes to the most peaceful and thoughtful animals in the world, the North American curly haired horse ranks at or near the very top of the list. Yep, these horses are most certainly part Labradoodle, aren’t they? Please share this amazing story with your closest friends and loved ones.

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