Three Bald Eagles Are Raising Their Babies Together On Livestream

This fascinating story takes place in Illinois. There is one female bald eagle who has entered in a very special sort of relationship with two male bald eagles. These two eagles are on hand to help the female when it comes to keeping her nest nice and warm. The bald eagle tends to be a territorial animal, which only contributes to the level of shock from observers.

Most bald eagles also tend to be monogamous by nature. Those who have visited the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge are stunned by what they have seen. The three parents have come together for an important reason, too. They are going to make sure that all of their eggs stay incubated. This is a key responsibility and it takes a village to raise a child, right?

The relationship between these birds is a complicated one, though. This trio has been living together for almost two years now. Anyone who would like to find out more about the day to day of this nest can access a live stream that is being provided by Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge. The males are named Valor 1 and Valor 2. They have not always been friends, either.

When Valor 2 attempted to overthrow Valor 1 as the king of his own next, the bird decided that he was not going to leave. Hope is the female bird who was residing in the nest. A group of eaglets were hatched by this trio. While most would not have expected them to click right away, they got along famously. It may not be traditional but it works for them.

Hope was scared away and flew off shortly after. The two males were soon able to find a replacement. Starr was hatched by another female who arrived at the nest. She is now the female bald eagle that can be seen alongside of the two males today. There are now three eggs incubating inside of their nest. Everyone is currently on baby watch.

We are not sure how this connection came together but we are happy for the bald eagles. These two men are about to bring another child into the world. Now that we have access to this awesome live stream, we will be able to watch the shell break open in real time.

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