Man Ignores Firefighters, Runs Back Into Burning Home To Save His Dog

Jose Guzman and his dog share a very special bond. In fact, their bond is so special, he refused to follow the very reasonable orders that were being given to him by these firefighters. This California man’s dog was still trapped inside of the burning home. Jose was not going to take “no” for an answer, however. His heroic actions saved the dog’s life and their story has gone viral.

Gabanna the pitbull needed his help and Jose says that he would do it all over again, without any hesitation. He and his family were at a nearby barbecue when they heard news of the fire. A neighbor’s home had caught on fire before spreading to his own. The blaze had grown to the point that the firefighters could not handle it on their own anymore. They had to call for backup.

The firefighters had told Jose that he needed to stay out of the house. He did not listen to them, though. How could he possibly leave Gabanna behind at a time like this? He was not going to allow her to pass away on his watch. This is one dedicated pet parent and this story hits us right square in the feels. Jose did not even stop to think about himself before running in.

In situations like this one, there is no time to think, only time to act. Jose considers the dog to be a member of the family. This is why it was a no brainer for him to go sprinting back into the house, even against the wishes of the firefighters. Gabanna is quite the intelligent dog, though. She had found a safe place to hide while she waited for her father to come back for her.

Jose was able to remove her from the building with relative ease, even as his neighbors started to fret. Those who were on the scene believed that Jose would be a “goner” as soon as he set foot in the house. The firefighters were not happy with what he had decided to do but we are sure that they understood where he was coming from on this one.

Would you like to see this incredible and daring rescue for yourself? If so, please take a moment to check out the clip below. This is one of the most courageous acts that we have ever seen. Now, our readers will have the chance to see this astonishing moment for themselves!

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