D.C. Building Evacuated After Bad Boy Rat Pulls the Fire Alarm

I know that rats can be tricky.  Sometimes it seems they are even smarter than us humans.  We’ve laid down the traps only to find our bait has disappeared and the rat is nowhere to be found.

NBC Washington reported on a rat that was both an acrobat and kind of a jerk.

The footage is all the talk on the internet..probably since Pizza Rat.  This rat decided to jump onto an apartment complex fire alarm.

The alarmed caused an entire condo complex to be evacuated on September 9,2018.

The Fire Alarm Rat clearly has a bad-boy streak. In any event the rat is on the black list and needs to be very very quiet and stay out of site for a few days.

Have you ever experienced an animal invading your space? Has the animal ever made your life a nightmare?  Tell us about it in the comments.  We can’t wait to hear these stories.

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