Heartbroken dog cries after finding out he’s been abandoned

Dogs are some of the best friends that man will ever have. They have been our pals for so long that it can seem as if they have been here forever. They are a constant companion and they are always here for us when we need them. That is why stories like these are so hurtful. People are all too willing to abandon their dogs and when they do, the results tend to be very painful.

While some tend to underestimate the intelligence of dogs, they are incredibly perceptive animals. They know when they are being mistreated and this causes them to become despondent. When they are being treated properly, they maintain a sense of loyalty that few other living creatures could match. Dogs will even maintain this sense of loyalty when they have little to no reason to.

Solitary dogs are more likely to experience serious issues over the long haul because they are acutely aware of their own loneliness. A dog is a pack animal by nature. That means that they do not enjoy being alone if they do not have to be. When videos like these circulate on social media, it makes our hearts break. Why would anyone treat an innocent animal so poorly?

The footage that you are about to see is certainly not for the faint of heart. If you are the type of person who will typically cry easily, this clip is going to tug at your heartstrings in a major way. AJ the dog is shown laying on a bed and he is clearly depressed. The workers at Saving Carson Shelter Dogs are doing their best to help him but it is all for naught.

AJ’s owner was no longer able to care for him and was forced to give him away. Saving Carson Shelter Dogs decided to upload a video of the pup so that everyone could see just how awesome he was. The idea worked like a charm and wouldn’t you know it, a number of people came forward looking to take this adorable fellow home with them.

AJ also has a brother named Toby and the two were adopted into a new family not long after the video was released. We are glad that this video touched the hearts of so many people because we had an awfully hard time watching it without tearing up. Thanks to this news, we are definitely going to sleep much more easily tonight. It sure is nice to see a story like this one have a happy ending for once.

This beauty touched the hearts of a lot of people and today he was lucky enough to take his FREEDOM Walk out of the Shelter, even while he is struggling with a cold. He was Rescued and we are hoping tomorrow that Rescue will work with the different Rescue that is saving his Bonded Brother TOBY, so they can be reunited. Both have been seriously depressed since they were separated… Happy life sweet AJ <3PHOTO: https://www.facebook.com/savingcarsonshelterdogs/photos/a.219655291540446.1073741846.171850219654287/536011676571471/?type=3&theater

Posted by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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