Woman Wakes Up To Find A Coyote Standing In Her Bedroom

When this Oklahoma woman woke up in the middle of the night to a series of strange noises, she had no idea what to expect. This is the type of scenario that causes many of us to wake up in a cold sweat. The noises started to occur around 4 AM. It was still pitch black outside at the time. Initially, she believed that the noise was being caused by her own animals.

Bonnie has a mini schnauzer and a cat. In her mind, it was only natural for them to be horsing around while she was trying to sleep. She never could have expected what the true reason for the noises was going to be. None of us could. What Bonnie did not know was that the ruckus was actually being created by one of the most unexpected intruders possible.

To make matters worse, Bonnie’s children were asleep upstairs and her husband was out of town. Her dog finally decided to check out the commotion and began to bark at another animal that looked an awful lot like a dog. It was at this time that Bonnie finally realized what was actually taking place in her home. She had a coyote on her hands!

This realization led to some loud screaming that woke up her children. The kids helped their mother to corral the coyote so that it could not cause any more trouble inside of the home. Bonnie contacted the police as well. They were summoned to provide the extra assistance that was sorely needed. We can’t lie, we would have freaked out in much the same way.

Bonnie believes that the coyote must have gotten into the home through the back door. Since it does not bolt shut, it is entirely possible that the animal simply lunged at this door and popped it open with ease. The policemen came with the proper catcher poles and they were able to dispatch the coyote before any harm came Bonnie’s way.

There were no injuries during this incident. Having a coyote in the house may sound like a recipe for disaster but this family was fortunate enough to avoid one. The coyote was corralled and sent back into the woods to live out the rest of his existence. Hopefully, this would be the first and last encounter that he and Bonnie would have. All’s well that ends well, right?


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