School Brings Back Paddling To Punish Misbehaving Students

Many of us probably remember the classic Simpsons episode when all of the teachers went on strike and were replaced by various townspeople. Jasper Beardley, also known as Grandpa Simpson’s nursing home pal, was assigned one of the classes and had a unique method for keeping students in line. Just about anything that a student could do would result in a paddling if they were not careful.

We all laughed at this episode and probably imagined that nothing like this could take place in the present day. However, the state of Georgia (or at least this one school) just said otherwise. They have decided to bring corporal punishment and teachers will now be allowed to paddle students as needed. While the average person would consider these tactics to be outdated, this school seems to think quite differently.

Apparently, the “kids these days” crowd has finally won out and they will get to have their way for the time being. We believe that there are better ways to get certain points across but sadly, there are those who feel otherwise. Jody Boulineau is the party responsible for this decision. She is the superintendent and her reasoning seems a little….off.

In her mind, the paddling is a great way to get back to the way things used to be. She is one of those people who has allowed their sense of nostalgia to cloud her decision making. The school is thoughtful enough to allow the parents to consent first. None of the children are paddled unless their parents fill out the proper forms and send them back first.

This may sound bizarre to some but for these kids, this is a simply a way of life. We live in a world where there are still many people who strongly believe in the advantages of corporal punishment. Any parents who decide against the concept of paddling will be asked to take care of their children during the resulting five day suspension that is handed out instead.

Would you like to learn more about this Georgia school and its landmark decision? If so, please be sure to check out the clip below. What do you think of this school’s choice? Do you think that this is much ado about nothing or do you believe that the school is making the right decision? Be sure to pass this story along and see where your friends and loved ones stand on this.

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