Dad Cuts Off All Of Teen Daughter’s Hair After Getting Highlights For Her Birthday

As anyone that spends any amount of time on social media can tell you, parents giving their children funny haircuts as a form of punishment is growing in popularity. Unfortunately, this trend ignores a very simple fact: this is considered to be child abuse and no parent has the right to disfigure their offspring like this. While beauty is only skin deep, these types of idioms should never govern our parenting styles.

Outer beauty is a form of self expression and should always be treated as such. A crappy haircut can destroy a person’s self esteem to the point where they do not want to go outside. Bad haircuts are an incident that most of us would rather avoid. What happens when these haircuts are given by parents as a form of punishment, though? This is a question social media denizens have been grappling with for some time.

When Kelsey turned 13, she was ready for a new look. After all, what teenager doesn’t like to experiment with their personal appearance? She wanted to put highlights in her hair as a birthday gift to herself and this would seem to be a fairly innocuous request. Her mother was fine with this request and brought her daughter to receive the highlights without incident.

The true problem came into play once she headed to her father’s home. The before and after photos are as chilling as they come. The smiling face has been replaced by a tearful one. From the looks of it, Kelsey is too ashamed of what her father has done to even show her face. The long and highlighted hair had all been chopped off by her vengeful old man.

The father and stepmother are not going to be getting away with this and they now face consequences for their abusive actions. Let this be a lesson to all of the parents who abuse their children and share the results of their shoddy handiwork with social media. The father and stepmother both work for the fire department in Middleton Township.

As a result of their actions, they have been placed on administrative leave. Wood County Job and Family Services is investigating the matter as well. These types of punishments are not funny or cute. They are emotionally abusive and need to stop immediately. We hope that this young lady receives all of the help that she needs and that cases like these stop being commonplace.

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