Dad Lets Pit Bull Sleep In Crib With Baby Only To Have Captured Footage Go Viral

Every human being has experienced fear at some point in their life. There are a number of common causes of fear and anxiety. Lack of sleep is definitely one of them. When we are too afraid to doze off, this can cause a wide range of health problems. This is especially true when we believe that something terrible is going to take place as soon as we drift off.

Poor little Adalynn Leary recently experienced this sort of fear for the first time. She is just a baby and she was forced to go through a horrific ordeal when an earthquake hit her home in the middle of the night. The toddler did not want to sleep alone any longer and we cannot blame her one bit. Fortunately, her best friend decided to come to the rescue.

Fury the pitbull might not seem like the most obvious friend for a child to make but there are a lot of misconceptions about these animals. They are thought to be bloodthirsty creatures but stories like these go a long way towards burying that myth once and for all. Adalynn’s father Kyle was just glad that his little girl would be safe.

He wanted to make sure that the trauma she experienced did not affect her ability to sleep. Now that she has her own personal bodyguard to snuggle up with at night, we are sure that she will be just fine. If you are anything like us, you are going to be swooning when you take a closer look at these two. We cannot get enough.

We are hopelessly smitten with these two and we hope for more updates in the future. Adalynn is a thoughtful child, isn’t she? Instead of worrying about herself, she was sure to cover up Fury as well. This is certainly a mutually beneficial relationship. Once Kyle posted the video on his Facebook page, the clip went viral immediately and we fully understand why.

Of course, the Internet tried to engage in their usual concern trolling. Some were “worried” about the child sleeping with a dog. Kyle knows better. Fury is never going to hurt this little girl and he will one day receive the necessary training, so that he can be her service dog. This is one clip that you and your loved ones are definitely going to want to see for yourselves as soon as possible!

Cutest video EVER. Just A girl tucking in her 100lbs Pitbull best friend and bodyguard for life. If you raise them with love, they only show love. #daughter #pitbull #pit #pitbullsofinstagram #bestfriends #bff #protector

Posted by Kyle Leary on Sunday, December 30, 2018

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