Man Finds His Missing Dog Running In Field And Realizes He’s Not Alone

Bo may love his family to pieces but he is no different from any other dog, in the sense that he lives for adventure. The only thing he loves as much as spending time with his family is making new friends and enjoying new adventures alongside them. This black Lab is a friendly fellow who is always up for a good time. He recently decided to take off and do some exploring.

He lives in Kansas with his family and the prairies provide a plentiful opportunity for discovery. While they probably would have liked for him to leave a note, there was no time. He needed to meet up with his pals as soon as possible. Of course, they did not know that he was safe and sound at the time. They spent a great deal of time looking high and low for Bo.

As you could imagine, the family was left worried sick. They did not know where Bo was or if he would ever come back. Luckily, the family received a call the next day. The caller said that there was a dog playing in a nearby field and he fit Bo’s description. Sure enough, there he was! He also wanted to know if his new friends could come back with him.

Chris and Shawna are the owners of these animals and they were more than happy to let their pets play with Bo. They are Bo’s neighbors and it is easy to see that these animals have struck quite the awesome friendship. Libby, Ozzy and Bo are one terrific trio. We wouldn’t expect a goat to befriend two dogs but this is not an ordinary group of animals.

No one knows who should be blamed for this adventure. Neither family knows which animal led the way. One thing is for sure, none of them are going to let on. This is the sort of story that you are going to want to tell your friends and loved ones. It is something out of a movie, isn’t it? Bo is a professional when it comes to making awesome memories.

If you would like to see these friends in action, take a moment to check out the clip below. We cannot wait to find out more about these adventures and we wish that someone would give these animals their very own reality show!

Just a normal Thursday morning!!

Posted by Kyle Krier on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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