Terrified dog chases after owner’s car after being abandoned

The type of cruelty that we see in the world is always stunning, especially when it comes to the way that people treat their animals when they no longer want them. Even though there is no shortage of ways to properly handle these situations, there are still people out there who pick the worst possible way to go about it. Take the dog in this story, for instance.

No kill shelters are available for dogs of this ilk. Shelters like these do the Lord’s work, helping dogs that would otherwise struggle to receive the necessary assistance. Heartless owners have gotten too accustomed to ditching their animals and forcing them to fend for themselves. Why would someone rather do this than simply drop the dog off at a shelter?

That’s what these organizations are there for, people! You do not need to abandon a pet in the dead of the night and hope for the best. We can all do our part to make sure that stories like these stop taking place. Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi finds dogs in horrible predicaments on a daily basis and the animal in this story is no different.

Crates and pens are left outside regularly. People just assume that others will clean up after them. The shelter’s staff does not wish to cause shame for these owners. They simply want them to know that there is a better way. Difficult decisions tend to come up throughout the course of our lives. Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi wants to make these choices less challenging.

A group of dogs was dropped off at this location recently and surveillance video depicted a heartbreaking scene. One of the dogs was dropped off by their owner and shoved outside. The poor animal did not understand what was happening and decided to chase after the vehicle. Clips like this one truly break your heart, don’t they?

This is the day that just keeps on giving…..????.The trap was set across the street ( the last place we saw the faithful…

Posted by Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) on Thursday, January 10, 2019

To make matters worse, the dog got lost while chasing the owner. Shelter workers are now trying their best to locate the lost animal. This is why you need to bring your pets inside of the shelter! These animals can become confused when they are abandoned and you will make a bad situation even worse. While their search efforts eventually led them to the recovery of several lost dogs, we urge you to please share this clip in order to raise awareness.

3 dogs in one day were dumped at our shelter! We are frantically looking one that escaped with its owners literally following them right after they opened the door and let it loose. The other two are safe and secure and at the vet. The two that were left together we believe were there overnight but will check videos after we find the lost victim of neglect that is on the run. For us to take in any single animal we are out space … specifically kennels and could use your help! Tractor supply in canton gives us a great discount around $300 each. We aren’t asking for $300 from one person but if you have a team of people or group of friends that want to come together and fundraise for a kennel we can for sure use them! Photo of dogs dumped at gate in comments. To donate you can click here or by PayPal: arfms@comcast.net

Posted by Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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