Dad Sings His Cat To Sleep With Lullaby But Kitten Joins In For Cutest Duet Ever

Those of us who own cats know that there some cats who love to chatter. These cats spend all day talking to us and even if we don’t have a translator handy, you can still pick up context clues. Meanwhile, there are some cats who do not like to talk as much. The cat in this story falls squarely in the first category. However, you probably did not know that he’s a singer, too.

This cat loves to belt out the tunes with the best of them. While you may not have been aware of the singing cats that exist in the world, this fellow is here to change those perceptions. We are not sure if he’s going to blow up anytime soon but it won’t be for lack of trying. Not to worry, old friend. We would be happy to give you a record deal if possible.

Anthony Klein and Sammy love to spend time together. This young man is always hanging out with his cat when he is not in class. He loves Sammy very much. Best of all, he is not afraid to express this love in an open forum. Once he realized that Sammy loved to sing duets with him, he was not about to keep that to himself. We are grateful to him for being willing to pass this along.

In the meantime, we are totally smitten. When Anthony decided to share a clip of the sleepy cat belting out classic tunes, we just had to stop what we were doing to take a look. Sammy had just woken up from his nap at the time. It did not matter, though. True vocalists are always ready to perform at a moment’s notice. They graced us with a performance of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

They have an undeniable chemistry, too. When Anthony leaves a pause for Sammy to chime in, the cat offers the perfect meow. We cannot stop watching this clip and we suspect that you will not be able to, either. Sammy’s performance is one for the ages. Of course, the video went viral right away. The Internet fell in love with the dynamic duo immediately.

If you loved this awesome clip as much as we did, please be sure to share away. These two are a great match and we look forward to seeing more videos from them in the future. We have watched this clip dozens of times already and we have had a ball sharing it with our loved ones. Now, it is your turn!

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