Dad In Tears After Bullies Call Son A ‘Monster.’ Then He Decides To Teach Them A Lesson

Bullying is something that many of us are forced to through in life. This is especially true of schoolchildren. Kids can be cruel and they tend to lack empathy when they view another child as being different from the rest of the group. While some schools are trying their best to remove all of the bullying from the equation, this does not address the root cause of such issues.

Many bullies act out of ignorance. They do not know how to relate to others who may be different from them and they resort to taunting as a result. Jackson is one little boy who was forced to experience the harsh behavior of ignorant children. Because he was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, his facial structure is much different from all of the other kids in his class.

He was eating his breakfast and minding his own business when a group of students decided to call him a monster and tease him continuously. Dan is Jackson’s father and when he heard about this interaction, he was reduced to tears. Jackson has had to undergo a number of surgical procedures as the result of his physical appearance and still maintains a kind demeanor.

Dan took to social media to express his frustration about what had taken place. His post touched the hearts of many and went viral almost immediately. As it turns out, there is a wide range of people who are able to relate to what Dan is going through. When a child cannot be protected from the world’s cruelties by their parents, this can be heartbreaking.

Kids should never be throwing rocks at other children or bullying them to the point that they are considering suicide. These types of stories are a serious eye opener. They serve as a reminder that we are not always as progressive as we would like to think we are. Dan’s story about an adult woman whispering about his son under her breath is a prime example of this.

If adults are willing to talk in such a manner, what example does this set for the children who are learning from them? Please be sure to share this story as a reminder to remain mindful of this fact. As adults, we have a certain level of responsibility to all of the little ones out there. We must teach them how to behave and never excuse their actions for any reason!

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