Deaf Dog Saved Owner’s Life After He Suffered A ‘widow-Maker’ Heart Attack

When Adam Bavario had a heart attack, he was understandably terrified. No one expects to have a heart attack at the age of 46. Now, he is using his story as a teaching tool. He thanks his doctors for saving him but he would also like the world to know that his dog is equally responsible.

He has spent 27 years working as a Los Angeles police officer. As someone who has also worked as a medic, Adam has been through a lot and seen even more. While he enjoyed his job, it definitely took a major toll on him, both mentally and physically. He went to the doctor’s office when he started experiencing chest pains after he turned 30. Unfortunately, the doctors could not actually seem to find anything wrong with him.

The inability to diagnose his issues nearly killed him. Can you believe that he was able to survive one of the deadliest possible heart attacks? The heart attack that Adam experienced is actually known as the widow maker! He is lucky to be alive. During the heart attack, one of his arteries achieved a total and complete blockage. Surviving such an ordeal is essentially unheard of.

Roxy the dog was not going to let any harm come Adam’s way, though. She saw the man passed out on the floor, mid heart attack. She gave him the nudges and licks that he needed in order to wake up. If not for her help, the doctors may have never had a chance to open up the blockage. The craziest thing of all is that Roxy does not even have the ability to hear.

That means that she somehow sensed Adam’s distress, without actually hearing it. Now that Adam is alive to tell the tale, he wants the world to know about the importance of cardiac checkups. We all need to adhere to these routines as we start to age. With the help of experienced doctors and the right routines, we can avoid a similar fate.

If you are anything like us, you are absolutely amazed by Roxy’s quick thinking. She is all that separated this man from an early grave. Now, it is time that we follow Adam’s advice and get our tickers checked out as often as needed. He is hoping that his advice will potentially save a life!

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