Dog Buries Puppies To Save Them From Raging Forest Fire

A massive fire tore through the Valparaiso, Chile forest about four years ago now. Firefighters had trouble containing the flames. The strong winds in the area only made the flames worse.

These residents were in need of a miracle and they finally got one. This community was certainly starved for some good news. One mother dog was more than happy to provide it.

Some local residents caught the mother dog burying her litter of puppies. Her reason for doing so was smart: she wanted to make sure that they were protected from the flames.

The firefighters were told about what the dog had done and they sprung into action immediately. They knew that they had to save these dogs before it was potentially too late.

After taking the time to survey the area, the firefighters were eventually able to find the puppies that they had been told about. The mother dog was guarding the hole that she had created on their behalf.

When the firefighters arrived, the mother seemed to sense that they were there to help. She did not stop the firefighters from digging her puppies out of the hole.

Her nine puppies were in need of help. Luckily, this team of firefighters was on the scene and ready to provide the necessary assistance. The puppies were still very much alive when they were found!

Praise the heavens. Blacky the dog had saved their lives by burying them inside of the dirt. We shudder to think of what would have happened otherwise.

The rescuers were relieved and happy to hear the good news. In a community that had been struggling to deal with the aftermath of the fires, it was great to hear a survival story for a change.

The mother dog and the puppies were immediately taken to the local vet’s office. They were examined and found to be in perfect health. The family has since been placed in a foster home while a permanent solution is found.

The locals did not waste any time asking to adopt the miracle puppies. In no time at all, they all found their forever homes. What an amazing ending to an incredible story. Blacky is now a local celebrity and for good reason. If this story hit you in the feels, please be sure to take a moment to pass it along to all of the dog lovers that you know today!

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