Deaf Hiker Falls Hundreds Of Feet Down A Mountain But A ‘White Wolf’ Saves Her Life

Amelia Milling is one of the most avid hikers that you are ever going to meet. While she may be deaf, she does not allow her lack of hearing to keep her from pursuing all of her goals and dreams. She has had some of the most incredible adventures as a result of her willingness to seize the day and we are jealous of her ability to get after it the way that she does.

The Crow Pass Trail is located in Alaska’s Chugach State Park and this was the setting for her latest journey. All was going according to plan initially…..until disaster struck. Amelia took a bad fall while she was in the process of heading up the mountain. She was only four miles into the hook when she slipped and collided with a massive boulder. Her leg was badly injured during the fall.

Amelia instantly knew that she was not going to be able to complete the hike as planned. To make matters worse, she saw a white figure starting to approach her. Her first instinct was that it was a wolf who had come to attack. Fortunately, she soon realized that this was not the case at all. The dog was a Husky who simply wanted to know what was wrong.

She read his tag and learned that his name is Nanook. While she had no clue where this dog had come from, one thing was clear: he wanted to help his new friend get to safety. Nanook led her back to the trail and he even remained by her side during the night so that she could stay warm. Her leg was not going to get any better, though.

After she made her way back to dry land with the help of Nanook, she sent out an SOS to ask for help. Thanks to her satellite phone and the tireless assistance of Nanook, the Alaska State Troopers eventually arrived on the scene and provided Amelia with the help that she needed. Soon after, Amelie learned that Nanook has made a habit out of helping others.

In fact, he is so good at providing assistance that he has been named the Crow Pass Guide Dog. The title has even been engraved into his collar. Nanook has rescued at least three hikers who found themselves in need of help and many believe that there are more rescues that we simply have not heard about. This dog is a modern day hero and this story deserves to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible.

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