Hundreds of Thirsty Cattle Swarm Water Truck in Drought-Stricken Australia

A drought will always have a wide range of effects on a society. There are no shortage of issues that are going to take place when a drought occurs and these ripple effects are far reaching. Australia is going through a drought of their own at the moment and the footage that has been taken as a result is enough to make animal activists everywhere cry.

We do not always consider the effect that droughts have on animals and this video definitely puts things into a certain perspective. When a water truck finally arrived in this region, a group of thirsty cattle could not control themselves. They swarmed the vehicle immediately and who can blame them? This is just an example of the impact that droughts can have.

This footage was taken in New South Wales and it serves as a reminder of the problems that animals face when they can no longer access water in the manner that they have become accustomed to. Now that the usual water stocks are all dried up, these animals have nowhere else to go. It is sad to see them reduce to such behavior in search of a drink.

No living creature should ever have to experience life without water. The footage becomes even more heartbreaking when you find out that these animals are not given any water to drink unless Amber Lea makes an hour long commute with her truck. The watering points at this river have become too low to provide regular hydration for these animals.

Without Amber’s helpful assistance, these animals would likely be left to fend for themselves and this clip is meant to spread the necessary awareness. While most of us remain well aware of the effects that droughts can have on humans, we often take wild animals for granted. They need our help to survive the droughts that take place just as much as our human counterparts.

Please take the time to share this story with the rest of the world so that these animals can receive the assistance that they need. The drought that is taking place in Australia is one of the worst in recent memory. Experts believe that it could become one of the worst droughts of the past 400 years. The agricultural industry has been hit especially hard. Be sure to share away, everyone! Time is of the essence.

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