Doctor Asks Terminally Ill Kids What Really Matters In Life — Here Are Their Answers

Most of us recognize that children have a built-in wisdom. Perhaps it is because they are innocent and they look at the world through new eyes. Regardless of why that innocence exists, it is something that all of us can appreciate.

When Dr. Alastair McAlpine looked at the world around him, he saw a lot of negativity. That is why he decided he would share some of the wisdom that he gained from his terminally ill patients. All of these children are between the ages of four and nine years old. Even though they are young, they still managed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to what makes life worth living. These answers might surprise you but they will certainly move you.

Dr. McAlpine is a palliative care physician in Cape Town, South Africa. When he works with the young patient, it isn’t to cure their ailments but it is to make them more comfortable during the time that they are dying.

His thread is an informal survey of what matters the most in life and, as you can imagine, it went viral. You are sure to be touched by what they said as well. When you consider where these replies came from, they are unexplainably wise and heartbreaking. You may just learn a thing or two about what makes life worth living.

1. Spending more time online is not at the top of the list

2. They love their animals

3. They love their parents.

4. They love ice cream

5. Reading really does make a difference

6. Don’t waste time worrying

7. The beach is a favorite

8. You have to love kindness

9. Laughter is the best medicine after all

10. They love their toys

11. They love spending time with their family.

Dr. McAlpine concluded with these comments:

We would all agree that is the little things in life that make it worth living. Reading what these children have to say about life when they had only lived such a short time really has a way of making you think. This wisdom is a reminder for all of us to spend time with our family and to fill our hearts with the good things in life. After all, in the end, it is what we give and receive that makes all the difference.

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