Mom Finds Cat Staring At Pic Of Deployed Son And Pieces Together The Truth Her Heart Breaks

When animals are forced to reside in shelters, it can feel as if it is taking forever for a forever home to present itself. Yuuki the cat had to endure this experience and when she was finally chosen, she was definitely appreciative. Erin and her son Max took her home after falling in love with her immediately. They knew that they had found the best cat ever.

Yuuki fell head over heels in love with Max and for good reason. What Yuuki did not know was that Max was on the verge on leaving her side. He was enlisted in the United States Navy. It would only be a matter of time before he was shipped away from her. At first, Max thought that the cat would be just fine hanging out with Erin. Unfortunately, Max was the only person she wanted to be with.

Yuuki was unable to handle his departure. It was too hard for her to believe that her pal was truly gone. Max is the type of person to develop strong connections with animals and these two were a match made in heaven. Animals feel the sting that takes place when one of our their loved ones goes away, though. Yuuki spent her days pining for Max.

While she was soon able to accept his departure, that did not mean that she had to like it, though! In time, she found a perfect way to keep him as close to her heart as possible. Erin soon noticed that the cat would go and sit by a photo of Max whenever she was feeling lonely. She even meows at the picture and it is just too adorable!

Erin decided that she would test the cat’s resolve by moving the picture to different locations in the home. Every time she moved the photo, the cat would find it and spend her days staring at it again. No matter where the picture was placed in the home, Yuuki would track it down. This is the sort of dedication that truly touches our hearts and makes us want a cat like this one.

If you loved this story as much as we did, be sure to pass it along as soon as possible. Yuuki’s story is one that definitely needs to be told. Take a closer look at this awesome video to find out more about Yuuki’s new ritual.

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