Dog Slips And Falls From 9th Floor, Miraculously Caught Mid-Air By Hero Neighbor Standing Below

Mel is the definition of a lucky pup. The Shih Tzu was saved from a tragic ending and they have a friendly neighbor to thank for this awesome rescue. The caretaker of this apartment building just so happened to be in the right place at the right time and we are glad that they were. This story took place in the city of Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

The apartment balcony that Mel fell from was nine stories high. She was outside on the balcony playing and happened to be home alone at the time. Eventually, the silly pup climbed onto the railing and could not find her way back down. Joao Augusto walked past at this moment and knew that the dog was going to be in big trouble if no one was willing to intervene.

Joao is the one who alerted the building’s caretaker to what was taking place. Paulo opened the gate and the two men devised a plan to save the dog from what was about to take place. Joao figured that they would be able to catch the dog if they had a towel or a blanket. Paulo did not quite understand what was happening at first but he wasted no time jumping into action.

They tried to head up to the apartment to find the owner and this is when they realized that the owner was not home. They would have to be the ones to save the dog. The men were not going to have time to find a blanket to catch the animal with. Mel finally lost purchase and started to plummet. Thanks to the security cam footage, we get to see this rescue in real time.

Joao positioned himself in the best way that he could so that the fall could be broken. He knew that he could not catch the dog cleanly but he could certainly do whatever he had to in order to break the fall. He was at the right place at the right time and he does not want to take full credit. Joao also credits the caretaker for being willing to assist him.

For her part, Mel glances back after the fall has taken place and her facial expression says it all. She is clearly grateful for the assistance that she has received. If not for the help of these two men, who knows what sort of tragedy might have ended up occurring?

Thanks to them, she can now play in total comfort and safety.

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