Dog Brings A Leaf To Store Every Day To Buy Himself Treats

The idea of a dog being able to walk in the store and spend its own money on various treats might seem silly or far fetched to some. After all, how can a dog possibly have their own money? Well, the dog in this story is looking to disprove these notions and our hearts are absolutely melting. This sly fellow has figured out a way to support his own treat habit. Dog lovers everywhere are on the verge of tears.

Negro resides in the nation of Columbia. He’s made quite a home for himself, sleeping on the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare campus. The faculty at this school make sure that Negro is well fed up and that he has a warm place to lay down each night. In the meantime, the dog has come up with a genius way to get more treats.

There is a store on the campus that sells cookies to students. Negro monitored the goings and comings at this store for awhile. He came to an important realization. In order to receive treats, the students had to hand over green pieces of paper. Instead of giving up, Negro knew what he had to do. It was time to get his paws on some green pieces of paper of his own.

So, he started to gather leaves as a means of paying for his own treats. Never let it be said that Negro will not be willing to pay his own way. This is one independent dog. Once he gathered the leaves, he took them to the stand and expected to receive a cookie in return. How do you possibly say no to an animal who is this cute?

The shop keeper felt the same way. Seeing the dog standing on his hind legs, offering his “money” is just too much to bear. Quite frankly, we would give him ALL of the cookies. Now, Negro stops by with his leaf every single day. He has figured out how to game the system and we are very jealous. When we try to pay with leaves, it does not seem to go over nearly as well.

This is one of the smartest dogs that we have ever seen. Perhaps he has a future career in store for him as a financial adviser? We would be sure to hire him in a heartbeat. Please take a moment to pass this hilariously adorable story along.

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