Woman That Spent $50,000 Cloning Her Dog Says She Would Do It Again

This is the story of a woman who decided to spend a great deal of money to clone her dog. Those of us who have lost our dogs in the past can probably relate to this one. We would stop at nothing to bring back our most beloved pets if we could. This woman paid $50,000 for that privilege. Now, she is speaking out about the experience and she says that she has no regrets whatsoever.

In fact, she says that she is going to be doing it again within the next six years! When Amy Vangemert’s toy poodle was on the verge of passing away, she decided that she was not going to let the dog die in vain. Instead of mourning the loss of her old friend, she decided that she would replace him instead. ViaGen is a company based in Texas that is known for handling concerns of this nature.

Amy had to wait six months before she got the chance to meet her clone puppies. They were created by using the DNA of her old dog, Buhner. Of course, one of the three was named Buhner Junior. Ditto and Baxter are also part of the gang. These dogs are now two years old. According to Amy, this is the single best decision that she has ever decided to make.

She could not be any happier. Amy says that if it was up to her, she would make a small army of dogs, cloning them over and over again. For those of us who wish we could have several of the same dog, this is great news. Too bad it is so expensive! Once Buhner started to get older, Amy realized that it was going to be impossible for her to say goodbye to him.

Amy also began to cry on a regular basis as she prepared herself for his departure. Her husband started to worry about her mind state during this time period. While she tried her best to find a new dog, she could not find another dog that made her feel the same way as Buhner. Once she saw a piece on the news about the possibility of pet cloning, her decision was made easy.

ViaGen Pets was able to help this woman and now Buhner is able to live on. We wish her and her new dogs all of the best and hope that one day, us regular folk can afford to embark on the same process!

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