Groomer Transforms Dog Into Realistic Polar Bear

This is the story of a dog groomer who was able to facilitate an amazing transformation. Rachelle Lynn McGinnis has been known to pull off some incredible designs in her time but this one just might take the cake! As the owner of K-9 Designs, she is no stranger to the strange. She uses her dog Bijou as a bit of a guinea pig of sorts. The results are incredible.

The dog has been transformed into a horse, a peacock and even a dragon! Clipping tools and sculpting dogs are used to alter the dog’s appearance. According to Rachelle, the dog loves every minute of it. Who wouldn’t like to be pampered by a professional? She favors the wacky designs and the results are definitely hard for us to try and argue with.

Rachelle likes to showcase her creativity. As for Bijou, he is actually color blind, so he does not get to appreciate these creations on the same level that the rest of us do. Bijou does not mind what her mother does, as long as she is receiving lots of love. Rachelle does not embark on these projects on a mere whim, either. She takes her time with each and every creation.

Some of these designs will take her at least a year to prepare for. Of course, she also has to put in the proper amount of time and effort when it comes to upkeep. The dog has now been transformed into a polar bear and the results are remarkable. In order to maintain the dog’s current look, Rachelle says that a sizable amount of hairspray is going to be needed.

Since the dog is very fluffy, much of the process is focused on the grooming aspect. Bijou needs a lot of brushing and washing before she can transform into the various creatures that her mother dreams up. She is also given plenty of breaks, so that she is not made to stand up for long periods of time. Rachelle says the horse was the most intricate design of all.

We cannot get enough of these designs and we cannot wait to see what Rachelle comes up with next. This dog always gets lots of attention when she goes out. Everyone always stops them in the street, so that they can put Bijou and let her know how beautiful she is. Please share this amazing story with your friends and loved ones.

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