New Internet Challenge Has People Googling ‘Florida Man’ And Their Birthday

One thing that continues to grow and amuse us is the legend of the “Florida Man”. With every new absurd headline coming out of the Sunshine State it becomes more clear that the figure behind the myth – one that is capable of committing horrifyingly hilarious crimes – has become an American cultural phenomenon, with mainstream TV outlets doing segments and comedy bits on the figure. 

Florida Man seems to be a morbid curiosity for the internet, so it’s only natural that he became not just a meme, but also a solid source of clickbait, with lots of different media outlets getting in on the action. Since there is no seeming end to the Florida Man, it is not surprise that we have now been gifted with the “Florida Man Zodiac” game.

No one knows for sure where the game started, but the rules are simple: google Florida Man followed by your birth date and year. What will pop up are the definition of your personality type, classic Florida Man style of course. 

Here are some of the best horoscopes. 

It didn’t take long for the Florida Man horoscope to catch on, as people started sharing their varied headlines. From flashing people to attacking people with tractors, the Florida Man headlines are endless.

There is a headline for everybody and the conversation topics will be weird and the more you dig into the Florida Man, the more you’ll get entertained by the things like a stripteasing man in a restaurant, but you’ll also discover some rather wholesome ones like the man who pretended to be homeless only to give $100 to anyone who offered him help. 

Over all, the Florida Man headlines will continue to be an enigma, although I did expect more alligator headlines than anything.

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