Dog Burned In House Fire Finds The Perfect Forever Home With A Firefighter

Lexi Ann is a dog who has had one heck of a year. She’s had a rough go of things and her story is absolutely heartbreaking. The mother dog had a home to call her own. She also had puppies that she loved dearly. Sadly, she lost everything when a fire claimed her family’s home. She nearly lost her own life in the process, narrowly escaping as her kennel melted.

While she was able to survive, she was covered in severe burns. Some of them were bone deep. The rest of the family’s pets died in the fire. Lexi is certainly one of the lucky ones. She had a guardian angel looking out for her that day, for sure. Once her owners saw the extent of her injuries, they did not want to keep her around any longer.

They simply did not have the wherewithal to care for her. The family believed that they were doing right by her. When she arrived at the vet’s office, they did not share this point of view at all.

The vet tech decided that Lexi Ann’s life was still worth living. If only her family had felt the same. Ruff Start was contacted next. The organization was more than happy to help.

Lexi Ann was given the chance to stay with them while she was on the mend. From there, they located a foster family that was ready to assist her. She was given a safe place to stay and as you might have imagined, this did wonders for her recovery. What is more amazing is that she remains kind and friendly. The injuries did nothing to change her demeanor.

An Indiana firefighter found himself drawn to the dog. It is easy to see why. When Travis caught his first glimpse of her, he knew that he had to bring her back home immediately. Ruff Start does not usually allow people who live outside of the state to make adoptions but they made an exception in Travis’ case. He and his family made an 11 hour trip to take the dog home.

These two are a totally perfect match and we are glad that Lexi Ann is finally receiving the love that she deserves. As someone who has rescued animals from fires on numerous occasions, he views her as a kindred spirit. If you are as happy as we are to see her in a forever home, please be sure to share Lexi Ann’s awesome story with the animal lovers in your life.

Image Source: Ruff Start

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