Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Strangers Cat Cuddling Him

When Andrew Falloon recently found out that his father would need an operation, he was understandably nervous. While his father has since been placed on bed rest and is recovering at home, he has a special friend who is getting him through it. A local cat sensed that he needed a little bit of tender, loving care and is more than happy to provide it!

In the words of Falloon, his mother simply “went out to run a few errands and left one of the doors slightly open”. From there, the cat simply came inside and got comfortable. When his mother returned from her trip, she found her husband nestled in bed with the cat. The snuggle session was not a one sided affair, though. Dad held the cat’s hand unknowingly as he slept.

Falloon is not known to be the “biggest cat person”. This is why his family was shocked to find him snuggled up with his new buddy. After awhile, the family learned that the cat has a name: Ziggy. As for Ziggy, he is the type of cat who has zero qualms about popping in to say hello to his neighbors. We are sure that Dad did not exactly mind too much.

This visit was a bit different from his usual ones, though. Ziggy treated this visit as more of a house call. Once the nap was over, the good doctor stuck around for a little bit to tend to the patient. It was not long before Ziggy needed to head off to the next appointment, though. What a kind and sweet cat. We are definitely jealous!

We get sick all of the time and no neighborhood cats let themselves in to come cuddle with us. No one knows if Ziggy was instrumental to Dad’s recovery, but one thing is for sure: it couldn’t have hurt! The moments that we spend cuddling with our pets are great for the soul, even if the pets we are cuddling with aren’t exactly our own.

According to Falloon, his dad is doing much better now and the family is giving Dr. Ziggy at least a small portion of the credit. Now that Dad is on the mend, we hope that Ziggy is willing to pay him another visit real soon. In the meantime, please be sure to share this touching story with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. It will make their day!

Source: TheDodo

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