After Dog Dies From From Day At The Beach, Owner Wants To Warn Others To Not Make Same Mistake

Chris Taylor, is left grieving the loss of his dog to saltwater poisoning earlier this month in Florida.

The two were out for an amazing day at the beach, full of sun, water and sand.

The thought never crossed Taylor’s mind that this might be the last fun day the two spent together.

The two became best friends as soon as they met.  Taylor couldn’t resist the playfulness of the then puppy.  Chris named him O.G.

“He always wanted to be doing what I was doing. He’s my family. he’s just so goofy and just always excited to see me when I came through the door.”

Like most Labs O.G. loved water more then anything else.  Hitting the beach as soon as Chris would get home from work and spending hours frolicking in the waves.

Seven years later the sweet lab mix hadn’t changed a bit and was just as excited to get down to the water.

On July 9th, Chris decided to take his excitable dog to a south Florida dog beach called Honeymoon Island.

The day was spent playing around on the  beach and jumping into the ocean for a swim.

What seemed like a normal day with his canine though, quickly turned into an evening of tragedy.

Later that evening, O.G. started showing signs of an upset stomach and not feeling so good.

It started with an upset stomach that turned into diarrhea, and then O.G. began to vomit.

Chris did everything he could for his best friend.  He was nurturing him with meals of chicken and rice the next day, but his dog was still sluggish.

By Wednesday, O.G.’s health became even worse. O.G. had become lethargic, he began staring off in a daze and rejecting food and water.

Chris knew he was in trouble when  O.G. became completely unresponsive to Chris.

The panicked dog owner raced his dying dog to the vet, but the saltwater poisoning had already set in.

“I saw him last night, and he was convulsing, and I asked if he was in pain, she said I don’t even think he knows where he is.”

When dogs drink too much saltwater it causes severe dehydration, ending in irreparable brain damage that results in seizures and, tragically, death.

Our hearts go out to Chris as he goes on his daily life journey without his trusted and loyal friend.

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