Dog Dropped At Shelter Was Confused Why No One Wanted Him

Stories like this one make us truly sad. Families should not have to struggle like they do. We wish that we could live in a world where every family always had a place to live. Ritter the dog recently experienced just such a tragedy. His family lost their home and he was left without a place to stay. The poor dog did not know what to do with himself.

He and his brother Corky had to be left behind. His family was sad and they did not want to resort to this. They had no choice, though. Their hands were tied and the dogs were left at a local shelter. The Humane Society for Hamilton County took them in happily. They would do everything in their power to help out. Once Ritter realized his loved ones were good, he was tough to console.

Just imagine how sad you would be in this scenario. No dog should ever have to go through this. Unfortunately, Ritter was left to fend for himself. He was scared and heartbroken. He did not know what had happened or why. All he knew was that he had gone from having an awesome home to being forced to live in a shelter. The brothers were baffled by their new surroundings.

Corky and Ritter were not used to the level of noise that they were asked to endure. The shelter workers tried their best to make Ritter feel better but they knew he was going to be sad for a long time. He would need a new forever home soon. “He’s gotten a lot of love and attention from staff,” says Megan. She works with this humane society as a communications specialist.

She’s seen a number of dogs who need homes and she knows how to spread the word. Once Ritter’s photo was shared on Facebook, the adoption requests came in quickly. Sophie Spenia is one of the people who saw his photo. As soon as she came across the post, she knew that she would have to take him in right away. He was the perfect dog for her.

When you know, you know. Ritter loved Sophie from the moment he laid eyes on her. These two clicked right away and now they are the best of friends. While this story may have had a sad beginning, the ending is what makes it all worthwhile. If you’d like to help other animals in need like Ritter, you can donate to the Humane Society for Hamilton County

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