Dog Fakes Being ‘Dead’ To Avoid Going To The Vet, But Wakes Up To One Word

New Zealand’s north island provides the sort of beauty that is truly breathtaking. The scenic beauty of this location is unparalleled. Lulu is a Shiba Inu and she resides at this location with her mother Micki Fox. On most days, Lulu would be up out of bed early, begging her family to play with her. Something was different on this fateful morning, though.

Lulu is a smart dog and she knows when something is amiss. She has been a member of this family for quite some time now. You would have to wake up pretty early in the morning to get one over on her. This video was taken on the same morning as Lulu’s vet appointment. The coincidence was not lost on her for a second. She elected to play dead until she got to the bottom of things.

What a bright dog. We would be laughing so hard if we had to watch this silly display. Micki knows what the dog is trying to pull and she is fine with it, too. As soon as the word “vet” is mentioned, you can see Lulu’s whole demeanor shift. She knows that there is no way to avoid the horrors of this trip and she is going to try her best to sleep through it.

We can relate to where she is coming from on this one. No pet owner likes to take their animal to the vet’s office but it is a necessary evil. They do not always understand that these trips hurt us just as much as they hurt them. Micki had the perfect solution to the problem, however. She knew exactly what to say to get the dog out of “bed”.

Mom is a persistent one, that is for sure. Once the blanket is pulled off, it seems as if Lulu is never going to wake up. Mom finally says the magic word and there is a sudden shift in her attitude. She lets her know that dead puppies are not going to get any treats. This is all she needs to hear. She is not about to continue playing dead!

This video reminds us of being young ourselves. Everyone remembers those mornings when we did not want to go to school and our parents yanked all of the covers off anyway. Lulu is going to enjoy this vet visit, whether she realizes it or not. Be sure to share this hilarious clip!

Source: Inspiremore

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