Dog Finally Catches His Own Tail And Has No Idea What To Do With It

Max is a dog who just realized one of the biggest dreams that a dog can have. Anyone who has a dog of their own (or has spent any time around one) knows that chasing their own tail is one of their favorite pastimes. While most of them are never able to catch it, there are some who are more fortunate. Luckily for us, Max’s mother has captured the special moment and shared it with the world.

Abbie was stuck in the house with her pal Max due to inclement weather. She made the best of the situation, though. These two reside in Mississippi but the awful conditions had forced Jackson residents indoors for the day. Tornadoes were tearing through the area. The storms caused a number of power outages and Abbie was in need of entertainment.

Fortunately, she had Max to keep her entertained in the interim. These two did not need electricity to have a good time. All they had was each other and that was all they needed. Who needs Netflix and cable when you have access to infinite entertainment? “Abbie was without power for over a day,” says her friend Harrison. She decided to film Max’s antics in the meantime.

Once Max was able to catch his tail, the results were priceless. You would have thought that there would be some sort of celebration. After all, he finally achieved the goal that eludes so many other dogs like him. However, he was not ready to deal with sudden success. As soon as the tail is caught, he seems to be taken aback by the whole thing.

After a few moments pass, the gravity of this accomplishment starts to dawn on him. He knows that he needs to savor this moment. Who knows if it will ever happen again? He attempts to make his way out of the room casually, keeping his tail in his mouth all the while. If you are anything like us, the mere mental image is already sending you into hysterics.

Abbie does not have her own Twitter account. Harrison asked if she would be willing to let him post the video on her behalf. Good thing she said yes because we cannot get enough of this hilarious dog. He is stunned by how fast the video took off but he and his friend are happy to see Max bringing so much happiness to so many people.

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